Marcie Lovett started her business after many years of helping friends, relatives and businesses organize their living and working spaces. She has refined her organizing techniques by reading books and articles, by attending classes and seminars and by actively participating in national organizations, including the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

Marcie's experience teaching children and adults, as well as her administrative experience in healthcare and finance, makes it easy for her to work with clients and help them change their behaviors. "Organizing is a way of life for me and I attempt to teach others the skills necessary to keep the details of life from overwhelming them."

"Clients call me because they are overwhelmed by their belongings, whether paper, clothing, sports equipment, memorabilia, collections or kitchen items. My job is to help them figure out what is truly meaningful to them and what they are ready to part with. After that, we set up individualized systems to keep them from falling into the same old habits."

Marcie's schedules meetings and appearances out of her (well-organized) home office. Her writing has appeared in newsletters, magazines and newspapers and her first book, The Clutter Book: When you Can't Let Go is available for sale now.


You can contact Marcie by phone or email to schedule a consultation or a speaking engagement.

phone: 301/219-3789

Clients call me because
they are
by their belongings
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